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Chronic Pain

Experience a life-changing approach that targets the root causes of pain, reboots your nervous system, and offers respite from relentless discomfort.


Discover the transformative potential of ketamine. Find relief, restore balance, and reclaim your life with this groundbreaking treatment.


Experience a newfound sense of relief. Break free from the chains of debilitating migraines with the transformative potential of ketamine therapy.

Suicidal Ideation

Ketamine offers a ray of light in the midst of despair. Let us be your allies on the path to recovery, guiding you towards a future filled with resilience, strength, and newfound hope.


Unleash the power of synergistic healing by integrating ketamine therapy with psychotherapy. Elevate your therapy to new heights and embark on a transformative journey.

IV Vitamins

Experience a new level of vitality and rejuvenation with our vitamin IV infusions. Our carefully crafted blends of essential nutrients, delivered directly into your bloodstream, provide a powerful boost to your overall well-being.

Depression Treatment.

This process enhances mood regulation and often results in a significant reduction in depressive symptoms, providing individuals with a pathway to a more positive and fulfilling life.

Chronic Pain Treatment

With its fast-acting and long-lasting relief, ketamine therapy offers a promising solution for individuals suffering from chronic pain, restoring their quality of life and mobility.

Anxiety Treatment

This rapid relief provides individuals with a newfound sense of calm and control, offering hope and healing for those struggling with anxiety.

PTSD Treatment

This process can lead to a significant reduction in the intensity of PTSD symptoms, providing a path toward healing, resilience, and a brighter future for those who have endured trauma.


I had the pleasure of meeting Krista and her staff recently for the vitamin drip of Myers Cocktail. It is such a nice relaxing environment. The treatment was good and no problems at all with the IV. I would definitely seek them out if you or anyone you know have any issues that they advertise, as Iā€™m confident that they can help you out. I will be returning for more vitamin IV to help to me with my energy and overall health šŸ˜Š

Debbie Wilkins

Customer - 2 years ago

I would like to say thank you so very much to Krista and John you were very very knowledgeable helpful and made me feel very comfortable I would recommend this to anyone you guys are awesome thank you so much and God bless.

Tommy Prater

Customer - 1 year ago

I feel whole, complete and connected. Maybe for the first time in my life. I have CPTSD and the ketemine opened all the healthy connections in my brain that were shut down from being in a constant state of fear. It feels like a miracle.


Customer - 4 days ago

Not enough can be said about the staff. Especially Christa. Every session I'm made to be felt welcome and comfortable. The environment is calming and very clean. As far as the therapy goes you have to find out for yourself!

Christopher Young

Customer - 2 years ago

The the pain infusions really are life changing! Staff are amazing & friendly, & they go above & beyond to make you comfortable.

Katie Rutledge

Customer - 6 months ago