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  • Recent data suggest that ketamine, given intravenously, may be the most important breakthrough in antidepressant treatment in decades”…

    Thomas Insel, MD Director, National Institute of Mental Health


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    KBlend is a Revolutionary Redesign of Ketamine Infusions, for you and your story.

    - Dr. Christa Klyder, DrAP, MSN, MBA, CRNA

    "Today, I feel alive! I didn't yesterday...  I never realized that I didn't feel alive!"

    Crystal B., Complete Ketamine Patient who responded in only 6 infusions!

    Reawaken your brain so you can finally heal from

    depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, & Suicidal Thoughts! 

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    People with high stress or childhood trauma may be more likely to develop an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders can bring a higher risk of developing depression or heart disease, and some may turn to substance abuse to try to alleviate the symptoms.


    Ketamine is what some doctors are calling the biggest breakthrough in depression and anxiety treatment in decades. When infused at a low dose into the bloodstream, research shows that Ketamine may be up to 80% effective at providing relief for anxiety disorder symptoms.

    Jane Doe VP Marketing, XYZ Inc.

    Low dose Ketamine infusions as a therapy for the treatment of depression is slowly starting to become a more mainstream concept. Less well known is Ketamine’s effectiveness in treating several pain syndromes, including migraine headaches.

    Any Questions That You Might Have Are Answered Here...

    Does Insurance Cover Treatment

    What price would you put on your life to live how you've always wanted to live, with increased mental clarity and focus, surging and unleashed energy, and the ability to accomplish things you never thought were possible?

    Currently, ketamine infusion therapy is not a covered benefit by insurance companies. Our success rate for treatments is extremely high because patients have this financial commitment. However, we understand the financial commitment can be challenging to some. We have worked incredibly hard to keep costs low, offering the same life-saving infusions as other clinics but for a fraction of the cost. We also offer two reasonable financing options so our treatments are affordable to anyone and everyone seeking hope.

    Denefits offers a traditional loan with no credit check and low monthly payments! You can apply through us at your first treatment.

    The Advance Care Card offers 0% APR for 12 months for those with good to excellent credit! You can apply at www.advancecarecard.com prior to your first treatment.

    We also accept cash, check, and debit/credit cards.

    Is Ketamine Addictive

    Ketamine has no addictive properties.  It is not a once daily pill or prescription to be used long term.  This is a treatment designed to create permanent growth and structural changes in the brain.

    Is Ketamine Safe

    Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that has been used for over 50 years in a wide variety of applications. Recently, Ketamine has been found to have profound, rapid and lasting effects on mood disorders such as treatment resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidal ideations, and chronic pain syndromes including neuropathic pain, CRPS, RSD, migraines, and fibromyalgia. Often, patients feel the beneficial effects after just one treatment. Published research from leading institutions worldwide have reported a 70% success rate or higher when used for severe depression. Suicidal ideations have been reported to subside within hours after infusion.

    Is Ketamine a Real Medical Treatment

    Ketamine has been recognized as an innovative treatment for mood disorders and chronic pain syndromes for the last decade. The National Institute of Mental Health, Mayo Clinic, Yale University, Mt. Sinai Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Black Dog Institute are just a few of the institutions who found statistically significant outcomes with their ketamine infusion research.

    A number of these studies have shown rapid improvement of severe depression when patients are given 6 infusions of low dose ketamine over 2-3 weeks. Well over 70% of patients have experienced this success. Experts at the National Institute of Mental Health have said, “IV Ketamine Therapy may be the most important treatment breakthrough in decades."

    What are the Side Effects

    Ketamine is very safe and has been used in many applications for over 50 years. From the battlefield to the operating room, ketamine has been consistently reliable and safe. Each patient has a different reaction to ketamine.

    During the infusion, most patients are awake can interact with staff. You may want to talk to a counselor, listen to music, or relax in silence. Side effects are limited to the duration of the infusion and recovery period.

    These may include an elevated blood pressure, dizziness, a sensation of floating or flying, blurred vision, mild nausea, vivid dreams, and rarely hallucinations. Your experienced staff will adjust the dose and length of your infusion to balance side effects with the therapeutic properties of the ketamine. During the recovery period, you may feel extremely fatigued or feel that your body is heavy.

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    Here's My Personal Guarantee

    The staff at the Ketamine Institute of Michigan Monroe will invest their mind hearts and soul into your recovery. We will be honest. We will speak the truth even when it hurts. We do not expect daisies and sunshine to emerge as we awaken your mind. We will never be surprised as we expose the hidden recesses of your mind that may have been lost for years or decades.

    We will be here to hold your hand and love on you regardless of your spiritual beliefs or dark secrets. You will be in a safe place where healing takes place everyday. If you are willing to surrender control we will walk along side you as you allow your mind to process and learn to function as it was originally designed.

    Ketamine is not a miracle drug, it will not fix you. K-Blend is a process of trust and faith that utilizes Ketamine to remove the barriers preventing you from fixing yourself. We are here to develop a relationship of trust.

    Dr. Christa Klyder, DrAP, MSN, MBA, CRNA

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