Get Osmind App To Maximize your K-Blend Journey

The Osmind platform is a central hub for us to track your progress and communicate in between appointments. It enhances the care you receibe, facilitates communication with our clinic, and helps you keep track of medications.

App Features

After we invite you to join the system, you will receive an email and text message with instructions on how to log in. The email is sent from

Easy To Use

Our app offers an effortless user experience with easy-to-use features. From intuitive navigation to clear menus, it ensures simplicity and enjoyment for users of all skill levels.

Track Progress

We will work together to track your progress and communicate efficiently. You can use the platform to journal your progress, send secure messages to our clinicians, and more.

Insurance Claims

The app helps you submit insurance claims for your treatments. You can use the app to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. No need for snail mail, faxing, or insurance company hassle.

Getting Started

The Osmind Care Platform enables us to practice measurement-based care. Measurement-based care is an evidence-based practice that involves the systematic evauluation of your progress throughout a treatment, including systematic administration of symptom rating scales, which helps drive clinical decision-making in a personalized manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide quick answers to common inquiries. Here are some common questions users often ask:

After we treat you, we give you a superbill. You can use the Osmind app to submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement. All you need is the superbill and about two minutes to input information into the app - Osmind takes care of the rest!

To get started, download the mobile app. On the Iphone, click THIS LINK to download the app

Yes you are able to schedule appointments with us using the osmind app. Talk to a KBlend member for more information at 734-605-8500

Download and Start Using!

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